#BREWRuck003 :: Final Announcement


It’s finally here – #BREWRuck003 kicks off this Saturday morning!  Needless to say, this is going to be an awesome event!

Here are some stats to get you motivated:

  1. The roster for the event is already above 70 people!
  2. Charlotte Pipe and Foundry has donated two more 10′ pipes for us to use to carry the food.
  3. We increased our canned food collection points from (7) in #BREWRuck002 to over (15) in #BREWRuck003!
  4. We estimate that we will at least double our donation from #BREWRuck002
  5. We added two new breweries that we have not visited in the past

While this event will be fun, there are some very important things to remember to make sure you have a great time.

  1. If you ordered a patch or a T-Shirt and you have not paid – pay via PayPal now or bring cash.  Arrive no later than 10:00AM to pick up.
  2. Arrive with your backpack filled with your personal donation.  There will be a check at the beginning of the event to ensure that everyone brought a donation.
  3. Bring CASH to make purchases, and pay in full bills if at all possible to avoid the time drag of making change.  We have a limited time in each establishment, and the bartenders will have a lot of drinks to pour.
  4. Bring FOOD and WATER.  Our first and our last stops will have food, but bring your own snacks and water for the hike.
  5. End Point will be Rock Bottom, where we will have some complementary appetizers and a private room.  Invite family and friends to join us here to celebrate.
  6. Plan to get a taxi or a designated driver for transportation to and from the event, don’t drink and drive.
  7. Be responsible and be safe.  This walk is held on public streets and your safety is your responsibility.  Participation is at your own risk.  Nothing is worth an injury or a life.

Event Itinerary

Time Location Description
10:00AM Warco Construction (3910 Stuart Andrew Blvd; Charlotte) Arrive At Start Point
10:00AM Start Point Sign in & Patch/Shirt Pickup
10:15AM Start Point Roll Call
10:30AM Start Point Begin Crawl
11:00AM Olde Mecklenburg Brewery Arrive At First Stop
TBD Triple C Brewery 45 Minute Stop
TBD Lenny Boy Brewery 45 Minute Stop
TBD Unknown Brewery 45 Minute Stop
TBD Second Harvest Food Bank Begin Dropping Off Donations
6:00PM* Charlotte Oktoberfest (Music Factory) Pick Up Donations
Second Harvest Food Bank Finish Weigh-In
6:45PM* Rock Bottom Brewery (401 N. Tryon St) ENDEX / Dinner And After Party
* = Time is approximate

As soon as you arrive at the start point, proceed to the check-in table to sign in.

If you ordered a velcro morale patch or a T-Shirt please arrive no later than 10:00AM to pick up.  Pay ahead via PayPal if possible.

Thanks again to everyone for their support and participation. We can’t wait to get this event started!


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