5 Crazies woke up on a Friday morning to defy the fartsack and get on their rucksacks.


With the Columbia Custom GRC approaching quickly in November, Team Spearhead NoCo is back every Friday at Grace Covenant Church from 5:15AM to 6:15 AM.

(1) 8 x 8 count bodybuilders

(2) PT Test: 1 Mile Run
*Moses went sub 6:00

Mission 1 : 
Team Leader (“TL”):  Moses
Bound the parking lot as a team to Hell’s Ascent
Bound = run a few steps crouched down and hit the deck to avoid enemy fire as we gain ground on the enemy.
Mission accomplished

Rebound the lot with Scrappy injured hypothetically
Two man drag
Four man carry
Mission accomplished

Mission 2 :
TL Perrier
Objective:  Pick out two large sticks from the pull-up forest and touch Home Depot front door
No B.S. Calls as logs were sufficient
Stay within two arm’s lengths the entire time.
Check, mission accomplished

10 log Merkins along the way for an alleged violation of the rules

Touch Home Depot front door and scare the employees.
Check, mission accomplished.

3 parking deck suicides for no good reason.

Mission 3 :
TL 66
Get the team back to the pull up forest.
Rule change:  Ruck straps were banned.
Check, Mission Accomplished.

Indian Ruck Run to Church

Total 20 minute time hack was met with plenty to spare.

MARY (rucks don’t touch ground)
Russian Twist (Moses)
Low Flutter Press (Dallas)
LBC’s (Perrier)
Homer to Marge (66)

Go Ruck/Special Forces Stories (Scrappy, Dallas, Moses)

COT:  Moses


(1) Dallas got in some extra credit and was running the GCC campus when I approached.  Somehow he continues to beat me on every run.

(2) Moses had the sub 6 mile on the PT Test.  Great TL and I’ve got a ruck with your name on it.  You men are going to have a blast at your virgin GRC in Columbia in November. I’m jealous…even about getting wet and freezing cold.

(3) Perrier was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to run an 8 min mile in his new combat boots.  Mission accomplished.

(4) 66 got all “Scrappy” on the parking lot suicides.  The team reacted quickly and stayed as a close pack of suicidal rucktards.  “Scrappy” only allowed for PT Test.  Otherwise, I am 3rd.

(5)  Springfield’s rucksack got the B.S. call with its awkward skeletal structure causing Moses discomfort.

(6)  I planned on doing PT test for pull ups and rope climb.  We skipped that with safety first in mind as it was a steady mist this AM.

(7) Sorry Home Depot employees.  Didn’t mean to scare you.  One guy stood in the parking lot and watched us the whole time.  No EH?

Keep coming back.  If we can get 8-12 men, we could really do some awesome team building missions and learn proper formation and what to expect at a GRC.

As the Go Ruckers say, “Go Ruck Yourself,”




  1. Great workout-enjoyed the physical and mental challenges. Good to hear about Goruck experiences, and suspect we’ll benefit from knowledge learned on November

  2. Makes me homesick! I want to freak out people in local businesses too! You guys are going to love/hate/love your first GRC! #jealous!

  3. We miss you Fonzie, but I do not miss being hung cannibal style on a log per Cadre Fonzie.

    Optimus has ramped up his runs and is on pace for Selection.

    Don’t be alerted if you can’t find C-Note. He’s off Twitter. I heard he is mainly doing CrossFit with an occasional Blender cameo.

    Winnabego is still a damn machine.

    If you plan a long weekend down here, Dallas will have to give you the Friday Spearhead honors.

    Miss u big bro,


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