Care and feeding of the PINK PIG


Date: 9/25/2014

Team Lead: AARP

The Team: Copernicus, Astronomer, Hooker, Liquor Cycle, Saurus, Angler, AARP, Christie Guild, and Andrea Elliott

The Workout: “The Pig”

Training Site: Anne Springs Close Recreation Complex, 971 Tom Hall St, Fort Mill, SC 29715

Task: 4-mile forced march on maintained trail over varied terrain

· Overcast, slight rain, 64 degrees, muddy trails with intermittent rocks and tree roots

· Improvised M60 Machine Gun, 43.5 inches in length (23 pounds) with an improvised 200 rounds of 7.62mm ball ammunition (14 pounds). Total Gunner Load: 37 pounds

· Improvised Asst. Gunner Basic Load to include: Improvised M122 Tripod with T&E Mechanism (16 pounds) and 300 rounds of 7.62mm ball ammunition (21 pounds). Total Asst. Gunner Load: 37 pounds

· Improvised Ammo Bearer Basic Load: Spare Barrel Bag, Cleaning Kit, Heat Shielding Mitt (10 pounds) and 400 rounds of 7.62mm NATO ball ammunition (28 pounds) . Total Ammo Bearer Load: 38 pounds

· Total Gun Team Weight: 112 pounds

Rucksack: full challenge weight and full water load at start of movement. No water resupply is available.

Standards: Move 4-miles in under 1 hour, 15 minutes with 4 transfers of loads. The equipment must remain together as it is listed by role in the above conditions. Element will maintain full accountability of personnel and equipment. Noise and light discipline is relaxed with low voices and the use of red lens headlamp usage to facilitate a safe movement. One road will be crossed, element will stop short of road, gather in a tight group, and move in such manner at the command on the TL to facilitate a safe road crossing.

AAR: Element departed at 5:05 AM, movement was accomplished with no breaks in contact and all team members contributing toward carrying coupons at the set interval. No falls or injuries occurred, equipment was accounted for throughout the movement, and the ending time was 6:20 AM. Great group on this damp morning. The movement had the feel of a night time, file formation and by the sounds of grunts/huffing and the sight of a good sweat; providing an excellent inaugural outing for “THE PIG.”

Thank you for allowing me to lead the group today. I always enjoy the group circle, names, recognition, and smiling faces at the end of each workout!


Ranger Lead the Way!

Angler on Behalf of AARP


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