#BREWRuck003 – Bar Crawlin’ and Good Livin’ – With a Purpose


On September 27, 2014 at 10:30 AM, the most unique bar crawl in Charlotte set out for a day of Good Livin’ and Fun Lovin’, for a purpose.

We saw a lot of familiar faces, and a lot of new ones.  With nearly sixty ruckers, five breweries, and three thousand pounds of food – #BREWRuck003 was the largest BREWRuck to date.  And it was the most fun to date as well – or was it?  I don’t know – they’re always the most fun.  That’s what makes #BREWRuck special.

The group was divided into three teams for ease of maneuverability (and drinkability).  With a group this large, and with a payload this heavy, it worked well.  And a little friendly team competition didn’t hurt either.  What team was carrying the most (or the least) was a topic of discussion – but in the end all that mattered was getting that donation from Point A to Point B (and beer, of course).

In true #BREWRuck fashion, we moved on foot from brewery to brewery – adding weight as we went (in the form of canned food donations).  Nine miles was the approximate total distance – but who’s counting?  Not me, I was too busy counting how many pounds of food we collected for The Second Harvest Food Bank – which was over 3,000.

And there was plenty of beer – five stops at five breweries.  Some familiar stops: Olde Mecklenburg, Triple C, and Rock Botom.  Some new ones: Lenny Boy, and Unknown.  Each stop has it’s own unique aspects to enjoy – and we did.

The new taproom and beer garden at Olde Meck was welcoming and a good fit for the group.  Triple C’s free snacks were appreciated, and their awesome west coast style continues to impress.  The Kombucha choices at Lenny Boy provided a new twist to the fun, and the taco stand at Unknown was a big hit.  The after party at Rock Bottom continued past 8PM as we celebrated an awesome accomplishment.

Thanks to all of our brewery partners, participants, The Second Harvest Food Bank, Charlotte Oktoberfest, The Charlotte Beer Babes, and everyone else who played a role in the success of the event.  We’ll be back for more in March 2015, and we hope to see you all there!

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“What were the highlights of #BREWRuck003 for you?”

Stephanie U.  – “All of it! Meeting up with a rad crew of individuals to haul food to people who need it more than we do, supporting local businesses along the way? A Saturday well spent.”

Matt F. – “Favorite part about it was how several people came together without question for the greater cause of second harvest food bank. Every body stepped up and communicated with one another. Team work aspect of it all was top notch. I really enjoyed getting to know sensai and guiding him in the streets and brewery’s. I’d try and paint him a vivid picture as much as a could a play by play. So he could experience it all just ad much as we did. That with the unity of everyone for a great cause was my favorite thing about Brewruck#3.”

Scott F. –  “I enjoyed the beer stops.”

Curtis V.  – “My favorite part was bring able to enjoy this event with my wife, Amanda. A couple other really memorable moments for me was when my ‘brother’ Craig and I were on one of the 10 foot pipes with another guy and Angler kicks that guy off and says, “let me get in there” I just remember thinking, “these are two men I would carry anything with or for” and hoping someone got a picture of it (which I don’t think anyone did, but that’s okay, great memory). Another memory is how gung-ho Hoff’s wife was about wanting ‘more weight’ and ‘what can I do?” “Give me something.” “Go,go,go,go,go” attitude. She entertained and motivated our whole group.  Honestly. The most general memory though is just, FUN! The event was so much fun and had a great social aspect mixed with a great cause blended with some Good Livin. What a blast!”

BJ C.  – “Splitting into teams and starting at staggering times was brilliant. Easier on safety, accountability and Beer service lol. Also love the family aspect, more couples it there, had some Grand parents rucking. It’s only gonna get bigger and better.”

Danielle B.  – “Just one favorite thing?! I’d have to say getting hangout with really great people that I love and knowing that what we’re doing is for a good cause. It’s not every day that you can drink beer with your friends, workout and know that your helping someone in the process. I was able to see people I haven’t seen in months at this event. Oh! And friends from back home messaged me about, to find out what it was and see if they could get in on it next time.”

Jason A. – “My favorite part of the brew ruck was meeting lots of new fantastic people all coming together for a good cause. This was my first official ruck event, and the immediate acceptance by the group, along with tips and hints for carrying a large pipe filled with canned goods was most appreciated. I am definitely looking forward to Brew Ruck 004!.”

Robin D.  – “I enjoyed the brewery’s and the fact that when we made it to one, it not only meant a cold beer but that we were getting a break from rucking (pipes filled with canned food suck just as much as a log). But the best part was delivering the items to the food bank. Seeing everyone unload their rucks, the emptying of the pipes and the boxes filling up to be weighed was by far the best part. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Mike F.  – “I enjoyed meeting lots of new people. I have been a GRT for about six months now and have not participated often after 943. To come out and just fall right back in to the community with such ease shows the love and respect this group has for new, existing and longtime members. DFQ is the truth! Looking forward to more good livin with y’all.”

Eric S.  – “I really liked meeting a bunch of new, cool people and actually punishing myself for a purpose for a change.  One of the most memorable moments was when three of the ladies were carrying the heavy pipe. I can’t remember who it was, but one of the guys walked up and said it was too heavy for them. Robin, Katherine, and the other lady (sorry, I can’t remember her name) just smirked, kept going, and picked up the pace. They were beasts (in a good way).  I also liked reminiscing with my Bragg Heavy brothers. It us always good to talk when we aren’t on the verge of collapse.”

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