#BREWRuck003 – Team 1 AAR


Team Number: 1
Team Lead: The Hoff
Assistant Team Lead: AARP
Lead Navigator: Tiann Shade
Assistant Navigator: Collette Miller
Team Members: Jason Baker, Lancer Torian, Tiann Shade, David Mickus, Todd Kruse, BJ Coles, Mike Farnham, Tony Monette, John Roeder, Danny Grumbach, Rex Bradley, Peter Springer, Brenley Renee, Colette Miller, Nate Junell, Jason Stein, Jay Huwieler *If I left anyone out, please speak up.

Team #1 assembled so TL could review safety procedures prior to beginning #BREWRuck003. At the beginning, we asked the collective audience of participants which team they’d like to be a part of. Team 1 – Heavy Team (expectation on this team are to carry the most weight), Team 2 as a medium level of weight and Team 3 beginners with lower expectations of carrying as much weight. As people began selecting which team they were on, a group of familiar faces and some new comers joined us on Team 1. At the beginning we had no idea what to expect, but needless-to-say, by the time this event was over, Team 1 became a well oiled Rucking Machine!

Roll call complete, and time to move out. Team 1 began picking up pipes and bags only to realize about ¼ mile in,that we didn’t have anyone to swap in. We grabbed 2 filled long pipes, 1 small filled pipe, 1 empty pipe and 2 Kit Bags filled with cans. With 2 Navigators that meant we only had 13 men open to carry. I guess we were so excited to be on the heavy team and roll out first that we neglected to remember that we’d need at least a couple of guys to swap on and off the logs…4 on each pipe, 2 on the small filled pipe, 1 on the empty pipe and 2 on each of the Kit bags. Oh well, we simply cranked up the tunes and moved out.

When we arrived at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, the team decided to consolidate the weight…meaning that we’d take all the cans out of the bags and small pipe and load everything into the large pipes. This would free-up 5 people to swap in and out on the next movement. Provided the logs would be heavier, it made sense to have fresh shoulders to add relief.

Strangely enough, after speaking with the other Team Leaders at the first stop, there were several people that stated their teams were carrying too much weight (mainly because there was a dichotomy of interests on the other teams. Meaning half of the people on Teams 2 & 3 wanted to carry more and the other half didn’t want to carry at all. After consulting with Team 1, TL couldn’t have been more proud of the overall response…our guys said “We will carry the extra weight”. Immediately guys like David Mickus and Mike Farnham started to help TL load up more weight. #veryproudTL

Ok, so time to move. As we made our way to Triple C then to Lenny Boy and to Unknown Brewery there was a new found pep in our Team’s step. Lancer even began singing for a little bit. I believe the extra weight actually motivated us to move faster. As we were all struggling we came together as a true team.

The most memorable moment on Team 1 was the 2 mile stretch to Second Harvest. There was a truly exceptional motivator on our team the entire time, but towards the end, be began to shine. Jay Huwieler, who is on Active Duty currently with the Army out of Ft. Bragg decided to call out Cadence for the final march. That cadence made the weight seem easier and more manageable to carry. The enthusiasm was magnetic as all of us began to call out and get in step. Even Lancer, who is a PROUD Marine jumped into the cadence (Jay kept saying “Army” which we all know aggravates our Marine brother, lol).

Team 1 had many exceptional moments that happened during the entire event (Jason Stein actually got a new bike in route). Guys gave it their all, worked as a team and grew together during this event. I am proud to know each person on this team and when things get tough in life, I’ll just think back to the time we shared together and the efforts of each of you.

Team Members: Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Again thank you for participating with us in the Epic Event.


This AAR Was Submitted by Shawn Kelly (“The Hoff”)

Team Leader for #BREWRuck003 Team 1 (the “Heavy Team”)