NOCO SPEARHEAD Special Ops 002, SPEARHEAD Rangers rescue Rock Orphans


Team Leader: Winnebago

SPEARHEAD Rangers: Arizona, Perrier, Moses, Professor, Etch a Sketch, Optimus

7 SPEARHEAD Rangers reported for an essential mission to rescue starving freezing babies and restore power to their orphanage.

The Mission:

Deliver food and water to Orphanage under enemy fire, We had a 40#, 60# and 120# bag of supplies as wells a bullet proof vest to protect the Nuns running the Orphanage.

Supplies must be transported beneath the incoming fire, work as a team to bear crawl, low crawl or however you can to the drop off point.

Arrive at Orphanage and leave supplies, pick up (Rock) babies and transport them to safety. The route to safety had its bridge washed out so we traversed the pond with our (Rock) Babies keeping them safe and dry.

Transport (Rock) Babies to generator area until we can restore power. To restore power we we used Kinetic Energy of Log PT to get generators restored.

All Log PT was silent count until Team Leader said stop

-Shoulder to Shoulder

-Overhead Log Hold

-Standing Log Crunches

-Log Curls

-Log Squats

Power is restored bridge is repaired. Return (Rock) Babies to the orphanage

Return to home with Supplies

At this point TL was called back stateside and the remaining Rangers celebrated with good livin from Optimus

-Arm Clappers

-Team Lunges

-Plank/Forward Leaning Rest

-Squat Thrusters

-Overhead Squat Hold

-Squats with Ruck between Legs

– Calf Raises

-Clank Clank I’m a Tank

Moses was appointed to close the team out


– SPEARHEAD Fridays will often have a mission theme, I feel having a narrative keeps it fun and mimics what Challenge is like, you will be asked to do silly things just to help you come together as a team to figure out the best way of doing.

-You WILL get wet and the water may be cold, the pond probably needed a depth check ahead of time, my bad. We have been in it twice before but on the other side. Great job working together and just making it happen.

-@Professor said after log PT he found a weakness, that he could run for days but the shoulder log exercises were a real Challenge. In a GORUCK event you will have some exercises that you are one of the strongest guys at and others that will push you to your limit. There a few things you need to keep in mind. 1) If you are strong in an exercise use that time to encourage your teammates who are not, they will return the favor to you 2) You probably will have to face a fear, whether it is getting cold water, lots of PT and you just aren’t good at or whatever, remember it will come to an end and the next card in the deck will probably be a strength 3) Cadre really are your friends a just want best effort, cheating is expected and they will purposefully turn their back to you so you can cheat a few reps, watch them and act accordingly. They will make threats of more PT but in reality you will only get punished for team things not individual.

-Thanks to Optimus and Moses for finishing us out, hope you enjoyed the morning.


Also with Respect to AARP and Mark C (Sorry don’t know you SH name) I in no way think we are Rangers but the mission as designed, from my understanding of responsibilities would be one Rangers would be assigned, vs any other branch of Special Ops.


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