Sprinklers just add to the fun of IMT



2 SPEARHEADS posted against all urge to stay in bed for the weekly IMT. IMT is Individual based training designed to maximize preparation for welcome parties and OCR obstacles, emphasize speed and explosive movement.  Today we did a full body smoke session.

Station 1: 25 Flutter Kick with 55# ruck press

Station 2: 10 120# Sandbag Deadlift

Station 3: 15 One arm snatch with 40# Kettlebell 15 each arm

Station 4: 25 overhead press with Double Cinder Block

Station 6: 25 Tricep Extension with 50# Sandbag

Station 7: 25 Back Squat with 45# Ruck

Station 8: 30 yard bear crawl with 60# Sandbag, carry sand bag back and sprint back to Station 1

Repeat Cycle for 45 minutes as fast as you can

Finish with 1 mile all you got run through Davidson College Campus


-Both Optimus and I quietly wished the other would text saying they weren’t coming, but alas we both showed and both gave it all we had

-The field we work on has sprinklers that activate sometime in the middle of the workout, Optimus got a steady blast to the front while doing dead lifts, while I got an enema from it during one arm snatches that apparently was a sight to see.

-I will say the run, while soaked head to toe, when it was ~45 degrees helped me finally get my mind in the mode of cold training which we will need to prep for any event in the next 6 months especially the Heavy in Charleston

-All I could think of during the sprinkler baths is that Cadre Geoff would take great pleasure in witnessing it

-I am extremely grateful for Optimus dedication to setting these trainings up on Monday and Wednesday, I know I am getting physically stronger from it, which I needed as I do not like to lift, sorry Hoff but it is true. Knowing that he needs a partner to push him in his training for Selection in April gets me out of bed and into the sprinkler

-Hope to see others joining us soon




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