GORUCK Waist Belts – Tips and Tricks


After many requests from their customers, GORUCK has added a waist belt option to their web site.

The waist strap won’t bear load to take weight off of your shoulders because the ruck is not designed to transfer load to a waist belt; however, it will save your head from getting hit by your ruck during PT. We have always recommended a waist belt be added to your ruck before a GORUCK event to keep the ruck stable during push ups, burpees, tunnel of love, or other exercises.

GORUCK offers two types of waist belts – the “Simple” and the “Heavy Duty“. The simple version uses a 1″ wide webbed belt while the heavy duty uses a 2″ belt. The heavy duty belt attaches using the MOLLE system, while the simple belt uses a metal fastener that clips on and off easily.

The 1″ belt’s metal clip attachment makes it easily removable, and the belt is easily stowable when not in use; however, the metal clip will not stand up to as much abuse as the heavy duty belt’s MOLLE attachment. If you don’t like the thought of being without a functioning belt in an event, we would recommend having an extra belt stowed in your ruck as a backup (two is one and one is none).

The most obvious advantage of the 2″ heavy duty belt is that pressure will be more evenly spread across your body, making the belt potentially more comfortable to wear. Probably the biggest advantage of this belt is that you do not risk damaging the MOLLE belt attachment system during an event, but it is not as easily removable as a metal clip. This belt will take you time to get on or off of the ruck, but if you don’t intend to stow the belt during the event this shouldn’t be an issue.

No matter which belt you choose, always carry an extra plastic buckle. Any plastic buckle will fail eventually during an event. Low crawling and other ground work is specifically hard on this type of buckle. Replacement buckles can be purchased at any local outfitter or on Amazon.

GORUCK Waist Belts Available Here:  Simple or Heavy Duty



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