Veterans Day Tribute Workout


Date: 11/11/2014

Team Lead: AARP

Assistant Team Lead: The Hoff

The Team: Big League Chew, Drop Thrill (FNG), Saurus, Dora, Diego, Astronomer, Angler, Becky (we couldn’t name her as she left early) The Hoff (ATL); AARP (TL)

The Workout:

Team assembled at 05:00 so TL could layout pole litters and assess weight

Gear: (2) Poled Litters, 480 lbs of sand bags (240lbs per litter)

Carry Litters to Field

– Teams of 5

Form up in 2 Ranks: Moment of Tribute

– TL turned on Boom Box

– With hands on Hearts, music played as Star Spangle Banner, “America” – Leigh Ann Rhymes, Air Force/ Navy / Marines / Army Anthems

Team Movement

– Break into 2 teams; 5 on litters

– March the perimeter of the filed in OPPOSITE directions, stopping at each of the 4 corners for PT

– Exercises changed each round; 21 Reps at each corner

Round 1: Push ups with Ruck on x 84

Round 2: Ruck Squats x 84

Round 3: Ruck Bicep Curl x 84

Round 4: Overhead Ruck Lunges x 84

Form up: Tribute #2

– 2 ranks

– TL Fired up Boom Box

– Team Plank for the duration of the song

– Song: “America the Beautiful” – Whitney Houston


Ruck Litters Back to SP



It was a truly meaningful way to start and finish a workout.  Hearing the music immediately put us into a mode of remembrance and TL did an outstanding job explaining each song, the meaning behind them and paying tribute to our active, retired and fallen soldiers.  As we go through the days, it can become easy for us to forget how much of a sacrifice our veterans have made so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we hold so dear.

On behalf of TeamSPEARHEAD, THANK YOU to all Veterans for your service.  We are honored to share this life with you.   And a special shot out to our own TeamSPEARHEAD Vets who came out today.  Astronomer, AARP and Angler…we owe you so much and are blessed to have you on our team.

Thank you for working out with us today.  As always it’s an honor to lead such a strong group!

Respectfully, The Hoff on behalf of AARP



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