Burpees and Ruck-Runs


Date: 11/21/2014

Team Leader: Donkey Kong

Team: Lex Luthor (35lb ruck), Brownie, Donkey Kong (TL, 45lb ruck)

3 men gathered in the cold gloom for a slow-grind beatdown. Nice and simple.

The Thang:

Run to field for warmup without rucks on:

SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers x 25

30 Merkins on your own

Rucks on and move to track:

Do 10 burpees and run a lap x 8 (2 miles of running and 80 burpees)

*If you did not bring a ruck to the workout and finished the running/burpees early, Bear Crawl the width of the field, Crab Crawl Back, and then low crawl to mid-field.

Circle up for Mary without rucks:

4-count Flutters x 25

4-count LBC’s x 25

Jack Webb (1 pushup/4 arm-raises) up to 6 pushups/24 arm raises



Pretty straightforward this morning, who doesn’t love running and doing burpees under weight? Amiright? People? Anyone? Nevertheless, a good beatdown was had by all. Brownie was a bit confused when he got out of his car and saw YHC and Lex Luthor putting on rucksacks, but no worries. Lex Luthor’s ruck was a bit light for the Q’s taste, so good thing there was an extra 10lb weight kicking around to add to the mix. Good work, gents.



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