Helga Wants to Know!


Team assembled at 5:15 and meandered to Boyce Park.

Warm Up:

Turn and Bounce
Arm Circles

TL wanted to simulate a mini-welcome party.

Mountain Climbers
Bicep Curls
Shoulder Pushups
Overhead Ruck Press
Simulated log PT
Flutter Kicks
Bear Crawls

Recon for suitable log.

Log relays
Log bend at the waist
Log up and over

Meander back to parking lot.


After a quick gathering in the parking lot, team moved to Boyce at a good clip to warm up. (32 degrees at workout start). Grabbing a nice dry (or frozen) plot of grass, we started our workout. Team lead began, then we went round robin for a few rounds. Team then went on a seek and find for a log. We found a log, not an “official” Hoff log, but it worked. 2-3 man carries up and back on the soccer field, with a sprinkling of log pt thrown in. After hiding the log (i.e. tossing it back in the woods) we moved back to the parking lot. Thanks for coming out on such a brisk morning men! Awesome workout.


Posted on behalf of Astronomer

Workout Date: Tue, 11/18/2014

Team Leader: Astronomer

Team: Angler, Saurus, Lex Luthor, Udder and Astronomer and Copernicus


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