New Bi-Weekly Event Announced


Team SPEARHEAD’s new bi-weekly event “Old Glory” encourages the community to unite under a common banner.

If you’re out near uptown Charlotte on Saturday December 6th, you may encounter something you didn’t expect on the greenway and sidewalks.  A group of Americans will be meeting at the Vietnam War Memorial in Thompson Park Saturday morning at 9AM, and walking for an hour with Old Glory held high leading the way.  This will be the first event of the series, which will occur every two weeks.

All people of all ability levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Participants are welcome to bring your children, pets, strollers, wagons, or anything else they can think of.  The mission is to unite all types of communities that share similar values and pride in America.

Team RWB meets for a run at 11AM on the same greenway, providing an opportunity to double down if desired.

The Old Glory page on the team web site has the full event schedule with links to a location map and the Facebook event pages.  RSVP to each date via Facebook to let the organizers know how many participants to expect.


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