Boyce Covert Mission-12/10/14




After a quick briefing at the marshalling area on terrain features, azimuth, compass operation and pace count, it was a quick insert into the LZ.

We were expecting at least a fire team, but ended up with a sniper team. Charlie Mike.

Moving to the RP, team oriented themselves by looking for signs of the target at CP2. Picked up trail of the target moving towards CP3. This leg was easy to follow as the target was moving along a trail. At CP3, the target cut cross country. Team followed to vic. of check point 4.

At this point, team heard sounds due South on the trail and moved to intersect the trail. Tracks showed our prey moving on the trail vic. CP 7.

Target seen moving in the distance towards CP6. Team moved down this draw careful to cover the high ground on both sides.

Upon breaking into the open near some heavy objects which seemed to be used for some type of physical abuse, the target reentered the woods near CP11. Team followed and after a brief search, heard the target moving towards CP15.

After arriving at CP15, team was told to move to CP12 and await further instructions. Upon arrival at CP12, team was instructed to break off and return to LZ. Team was extracted back to marshalling area.

Great navigation session today with Rex and Astronomer. I normally don’t like to coach land nav in the dark, but sometimes, it works out better. Rex and I got in a good 1500 meters navigation on a pretty good map of Boyce. If we can do it in the dark, Bragg in the daytime should be no problem!


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