Logging in


4 rusty crusty fellas rolled up ready to work at James Boyce. Warm up in cadence.
Jumping jack x 20
Push up x 10
Imperial walker x 20

TL informs team they have 1 min to arrange the cinder log and extra cinder block coupon. (2 cinder blocks with 6′ 4×4 timber to carry them. Extra block and 5′ 4×4 – total weight = 130# maybe)

Ready to roll to Boyce park, 0.7 miles 15 min time hack or else. Team crushed it.

Drop coupons at pavilion. Head to the logs. Lil bear crawl and duck walk on the way. Drop rucks. Grab a log. Bring it to the playing field for some log pt.

Some explaining to lex Luther on what we are about to do and away we go.

15 mins of log
Squats x 15
Up and overs x 15
Log down
Decline push-ups x 10 IC
Flutter kicks x 20 IC
Roll right/left x 2
Flutters x 30 IC
Log up
Good mornings x 15
Log curls x 15
Squat x 20
Up and over x 20
Return log

Ruck up and grab coupons.
15 mins to get back to start. Killed it with time to spare.

Workout Date: Tue, 12/09/2014

Team Leader: Udder

Team: Dora, Angler, Lex Luthor, Udder (TL)


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