The first official I <3 Suicides


3 idiots showed up for the cold weather beatdown of IMT Mondays. Today was a suicide session. 7 suicides over the course of a quarter mile, with a PT movement inbetween.


30 rucked pushups
50 A2G squats with ruck & sandbag (either 40 or 60)
20 overhead sandbag presses
20 box jumps (rucked)
100 standing calf raises (ruck+sandbag)
20 ruck overhead tricep extensions
40 yard low crawl dragging ruck
1/2 mile everything you have run

I maybe kind of skipped the last one. Pushups took me so long that I wasn’t even finished low crawling when the other two finished (right at the magical 6:15 mark). I’ll make up for it with my 3 mile run today at lunch.

Was good meeting you Mortimer and I’m glad you were able to come out.

Strong work gents. Looking forward to next Monday (or maybe Wednesday, whether it’s Mad Scientist or Team PT at Davidson).

Workout Date: Mon, 12/15/2014

Team Leader: Optimus (Nick Schrein)

Team: Winnebago, Mortimer, Optimus


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