Stop Hosin’ Around…


Great Ruck WOD this fine morning with the Spearhead Metro Group. Started with a short group warm-up. Then after a 1/2 mile ruck with our toys (45# and 25# fire hose sandbags) we proceeded with the fun times. Broke into two groups of 3. One group did backwards 45# sandbag drags 40m down then back while the other group did group exercise of choice with the 25# bags (pushups, overhead presses, manmakers). After 3 rounds we then took an active rest of a 300m total toy carry. Second part of the WOD was 2 rounds of bear crawl while dragging/pushing a 25# bag (Udder’s creation). Other group did back squats and front squats with the 45# bags while waiting thier turn for the fun. We then packed up and rucked back to the start point where we did 10 minutes of various core work (Hoff’s lead).

Not much of a lung burner but overall a great full body workout with some newly created exercises.

Great seeing everyone this morning and I’ll see you at the next Spearhead Workout.

Workout Date: Tue, 12/16/2014

Team Leader: Blaze

Team: Uptown Girl, Bob the Builder, The Hoff, Udder, Big League Chew, Blaze


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