Celebrity Q? We are still waiting for him to show.


7 SPEARHEADS showed being promised celebrity Q, I don’t know who he was but I took his spot.

2 Cinderblocks
135# Sandbag
60# Sandbag
40# Sandbag

Move coupons to school, avoid baseball coach’s house down to field.
Drop coupons on goal line, rucks off. Head to toe roll to 10 yard line and back, intention was to get wet but dang that turf drains well

Reassemble on goal line, move coupons via low crawl to 50 yard line.
Great, you have gone half way go to opposite goal line. Drop coupons.
Partner Drag 50 yards then swap for next 50.
Lunge walk back to coupons
Carry coupons back to opposite end of field. Move them to top of the big hill.
3 Trips up hill however you want.

Move coupons back to launch point.

-Great morning guys, really wish I could join you all on a more regular basis
-Great meeting Blaze, guy wouldn’t give up the 135# on trip back
-The guys up North a fired up now that there is a big event coming, should represent well

Team Leader: Winnebago

Team: Angler, Blaze, BLC, BTB, Gulfstream, Hoff, Winnebago


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