Here’s to 2015


Grabbed Daisy log chain. Head to the infield. 2015 Tribute in cadence

20 x Jumping Jacks
15 x Pushups
20 x Squats
15 x Mountain Climbers

make a finish line approx 30 paces from start w/logs. Crawls

Bear crawl forward to logs (30 yards??)
Backwards Bear crawl to start
Crab walk to logs (ruck on front)
Backwards Crab walk back (uptown girl has some upper body strength and crushed crab walk. I had to resort to the crab scoot after 20 yards)
High crawl/Low crawl to logs (no backwards)

21’s – Curls with Log (7 low curls, 7 high curls, 7 full curls)
20 x Tricep Extensions
20 x Overhead press
Rinse and Repeat

Return logs to their home. (they are getting mushroomy)

Return to cars for Sally exercise. Moby – flower
(start in down, squat with arse on curb and grab ruck by straps)
“Bring Sally up” = stand and press ruck overhead
“Bring Sally down” = back down to squat

Followed up with some core work (Six Minutes of Mary)
20x Crunch with ruck press
15x rosilita (weird susan sommers looking thing)
20x flutter
15x Mason Twist

Done. Happy New Year! Sound off if you want to lead a Friday Spearhead workout. I’ll be out the next 2-3 weeks for TL as I will have a Newborn to ruck around the house.

Workout Date: Fri, 01/02/2015

Team Leader: Udder - Mike Farnham

Team: Angler, Uptown Girl, Udder


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