CSAUP One Mile at a Time: The Burpee Mile



“How bad can it be?…it’s just a mile.”

 Gentlemen…I give you

The Burpee Mile:

1:  1/4 Mile of  Burpee Broad Jumps.  Broad Jump and go right into a burpee upon landing.

2:  1/4 Mile of 2 forward lunges and 1 Burpee Broad Jump. Lunge Right leg, left leg, burpee broad jump.

3:  1/4 Mile of 2 forward lunges and 1 Burpee.  Burpee broad jumps are over!! Just do a burpee after lunging. This is your “rest” from jumping.

4:  1/4 Mile of 4 forward lunges and 1 Burpee. Still getting that “rest” for the last quarter mile.

 My times to complete each 1/4 mile are as follows:

1:   17:11  Started out strong.  Nice broad jumps! Quick pops from burpees.  About 30 reps in I looked up and realized I hadn’t really gone anywhere.  Jumping a ¼ mile just became CSAUP.

2:   26:53  Felt better doing the lunges as I could stretch these out right?  Well it still sucks.  Two long forward lunges and then my burpee BUNNY hop.

It was at about 0.45 I felt like quitting.  I mean seriously rethinking my life quitting.  This was the ¼ mile return leg back to the start.  My house.  All I had to do was open the garage and crawl back to bed.  But DFQ.  And I thought about Jeff Proietti who died leading his team on a GORUCK, Cadre Joe Warner who would have done this and laughed the whole way, and Walker who is WALKING and of course all my F3 and Team Spearhead crew who want to see me finish.  The mind f*ck is incredible when you are going through cold and pain for CSAUP on your own.

3:  33:47 NO MORE BURPEE BROAD JUMPS.  Just really crappy lunges and a slow burpees.  Someone once said “After a while, you don’t even feel lunges.  You just get into a rhythm.”  BS.  Lunges suck too.  

4:  43:45  The last 1/4 mile took me 43:45 to complete.  Wrap your head around that.  Now it’s just a grind.  Pure and simple.  Just need to get home.  Lunge 1-2-3-4 Burpee. Rest….and rest….and lung..nope….rest more….1-2-3-4 burpee.  I could barely lunge and I swear a few times I just lay there thinking about finishing the burpee. I tried to do a burpee broad jump once during this time.  That made me laugh and then I felt stupid laughing out loud in the cold dark street.

All for CSAUP challenge and F3 GRH 001.  We aren’t right F3.  We have issues.

 Now it’s all on you to give it a go.  I know you can go faster…after all…it’s only a mile.

****And if you want other CSAUP mile options, Pothole has provided the suck below:

The Devil’s Mile (Thanks Pothole!) F3 Pre-Blast here:   http://ift.tt/122EnnO

Underweight (preferably) perform the following:

1/4 mile Bear Crawl

30 Merkins

1/4 mile Lunges

30 Squats

1/4 mile Duck Walk (carry your ruck in front of you)

30 Overhead Squat Presses (your ruck)

1/4 mile run/walk with your ruck raised overhead

The Devil’s Mile v 2.0 (Thanks again Pothole!) Reformatted for reasons posted on this F3 Pre-Blast:


Preferably with weight, perform the following:

From the starting point:

Bear Crawl to corner #1

Perform 10 Merkins

Sumo walk to corner #2 (picture sitting in an air chair while bracing your knees with your hands. Do not bend your knees past the 90 degree mark and try to keep your back straight)

Perform 10 squats

Lunge Walk to corner #3

Perform 10 Overhead Squat Presses (raise your ruck over your head and squat; overhead arm claps if you’re naked – no ruck)

Sumo Walk to corner #4 (starting point)

Perform 10 Turkish Getups – 5 per arm (ease back onto your back, raise your left arm – or right – and stand back up, repeat using the other arm)  Here’s a good example of a Turkish Get Up.

For lap #2…raise your ruck and run or walk 1 lap.  You are only allowed to make forward progress if your ruck is over your head.  If you need to adjust or if your ruck drops below your head…stop.  Rest/adjust.  Continue.  You can rest your ruck on top of your head.  But the ruck must be above your head to make forward progress.  If you’re running naked – no ruck – run the lap with your arms out to your side.  Your hands AND elbows must be between the plane of your shoulders and head.  In other words, don’t make V’s with your arms and don’t hold your hands above your head.  Imagine your arms are stiff boards out to your sides.

This should equal 1/2 mile.  And since this is the Devil’s MILE…rinse and repeat




Workout Date – 01/11/2015

Workout Q – U-Haul

PAX – UHaul

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