Red Light & Blue 003 – Charlotte, NC – May 15-16, 2015


UPDATE: Final logistics information has been announced for RLB003

Team SPEARHEAD’s Red Light & Blue is coming to Charlotte, NC for a weekend of Good Livin’ that you won’t forget!

Red Light & Blue classes 001 and 002 have been highly successful.  Each event has raised over $5,000 to benefit veterans in our own communities, educated hundreds of civilians about the realities of what our military and veterans face, and contributed to bridging the gap between the civilian and military communities.  After the successes of these events, it’s time to take it up a notch.  Red Light & Blue 003 will benefit the Charlotte Bridge Home, our favorite local organization that works with veterans in the Charlotte area.

What is the Charlotte Bridge Home?  The CBH is an organization that aims to do primarily one thing, and that is to connect veterans.  Connect them to to employers, to government resources, to each other, and to the community.  The CBH provides a starting point for veterans that are new to Charlotte, and helps them transition into civilian life in a city that has a low military population.  For more information, please visit

The goal of Red, Light, & Blue is to connect the civilian and military communities, and what better way to connect veterans to the community than to bring a ton of Americans together for a 6 hour dose of good livin’ brought on by GORUCK’s top cadre?  And how better to finish off the good livin’ than with ACRT and a cook out.

As a bonus, the weekend’s events will include a GORUCK War Stories And Free Beer and a GORUCK Firearms Day.  Space is limited for these events, so purchase your tickets now!

Date Event Cost
Friday 5/15/2015 (8 AM) Firearms Day* $250
Friday 5/15/2015 (7 PM) War Stories And Free Beer $10
Saturday 5/16/2015 (8:15 AM) GORUCK Light ruck event Tiered – See Below
Saturday 5/16/2015 (3 PM) Cook Out Celebration Free with RLB003 Patch**

* Firearms Day participants are required to provide their own safety gear, firearms, and at least 300 rounds of ammunition.  Please see required packing list at GORUCK’s web site.  Participants in FAD must be participating in the GORUCK Light OR sponsoring a veteran.  Any questions?  Email us

** Each GORUCK Light participant is welcome at the cook out with their family.  Any non-participants or non-family are welcome for a donation of $10 per person.


All proceeds from ticket sales after event costs will be donated to the Charlotte Bridge Home, but our primary fundraising vehicle is our Peer to Peer fundraising campaign. All participants are asked to help us contribute to the cause by joining our P2P Fundraising Campaign here! We ask that each participant raises $200 for the cause by reaching out to friends, family, co-workers, and businesses. Firearms Day participants are required to fundraise a minimum of $250 in addition to their ticket price.

Check out photos from RLB001 or RLB002 for a preview of the fun!

Register below to secure your spot!

After you register, join the Facebook Event Page to coordinate with the rest of the team!

What is a GORUCK Light Event, you ask?  It’s the most fun you’ll ever have on a Saturday. Watch the video below, or Click Here for more information.

Special thanks to our sponsors for #RLB003:


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