20-mile overnight Ruck Pre-blast 2/20-2/21


Disclaimer, some of us are not right in the head nor do we claim to be professionals.

So why would someone want to take off in the middle of the night, put a weighted ruck on, and then proceed to ruck 20 miles?  Well…why not?  Some of the Lexington pax had shown interest in doing an overnight distance ruck and well, here’s an opportunity to do it to gain some experience rucking with weight on and do it with your F3 brothers.

Many will use this as a training opportunity to prepare for their next GORUCK event (for YHC and a few others its the first F3 GORUCK Custom Heavy), while others just want to see if they can do it.

Gear Requirements:

  • Reflective belt
  • Headlamp (bring extra set of batteries)
  • Water source (i.e. water bladder or water bottles)
  • Photo ID

Gear suggestions:

  • Weighted ruck (if you want to just come walk with us, feel free to join along.  Pace will be in the 15-17 min/mile pace) (if you’re training for a certain event, load your ruck as if you were going to that event Heavy 25#/35# dry Challenge 20-25# Light 10-20#)
  • Light snacks (Stinger Waffles, shot blocks, jerky, etc)
  • Chapstick
  • 1-2 pairs of extra socks

The route is a 10 mile out and back starting at the Enterprise on Sunset Blvd in Lexington.  There are sidewalks essentially the entire way.  Head down Sunset Blvd into Lexington until it meets Hwy 6 (N. Lake/Lake Murray Blvd) and turn on to Hwy 6.  Then head down across the dam until we get to Self Lock Storage.  This will be the turn around point.  Estimated time to complete is around 6 hours including any stops for sock changes/bathroom breaks/etc.   Rucks up and moving out at NLT 2330 to give some extra wiggle room on the time and maybe give a chance for coffeeteria after.

See Twitter post for route.  HC in the comments or on Twitter.  If you’re doing the Team Speadhead Pathfinder training this also helps knock out one of the challenges.  Hope to see you there!

All traffic/pedestrian laws will be obeyed at all times.



Workout Date – 02/20/15-02/21/15

Workout Q – No Help

PAX – Whoever Hard Commits and shows up.

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