Red, Light and Black and Blue? RLB 002 Greenville Custom Light AAR, 1/17/15


grnvrouteSo version 2 of our flagship event was held on 1/17/15 in lovely Greenville, SC.

Pete, Kurt and team did an amazing job planning this event.

After a Friday night WSFB where the GORUCK team shared some very personal stories, we all gathered at Swamp Rabbit Crossfit to begin our festivities.

Having done an event with Bert and Jessie before, I knew this was going to be awesome. Cadre Heath was there to add flavor. Three 1st Group guys all from the same team. Uh Oh.


The teams form up in the Hard, Medium and Easy groups. After taking an inordinate amount of time to form up, Bert breaks out the eggs. Some people thought they were being smart by breaking them immediately. Those people were now smart…and cold. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, get in the water.



Safety briefing. Then favorite quote of the whole day from Bert. “You are going in the water, get over it” (Patch anyone?)

1st food challenge-bananas and Sprite. Nailed it!

First event PT Test. WTF? And I didn’t even study. Everyone pairs off, pushups, pushups, situps, situps and then the 2 mile run. (okay, well I walked, but everyone else looked really good running, even Todd).



First challenge, if someone can hang for 3 minutes, you can work off some of your burpees. Awesome Brandon!


Get changed, pack your sh_t and lets move.

You have to love moving around a city and everyone asks “what are you doing?” As we move along the first section of the greenway, we get to be pumped up by AC/DC and continue to manage our egg population (which has begun to dwindle).




As we continue to move along the Greenway, Jesse says “stop here for a second”. THE HYDROBURPEE!! In cadence exercise. Everyone stands around not believing that Jesse is belly flopping in the water. Some great moments are born here, including Heather’s pants!



The team moves along a little further and comes to some white water rapids. Being the weirdos that we are, we must of course take a dip in the rapids and swim down river. Once we provide first aid to the injured time to move out again.



Next stop is the Greenville County Veteran’s Memorial. The event team did an amazing job here reading the citations of the 4 Congressional Medal of Honor winners as well as those of some other heroes.



After a brief foot and food break, the teams pick up and move to our next destination; the Maj. Rudolf Anderson, Jr. Memorial. This is an F86 Sabre from the Korean War. Kurt shared a great tribute with us. Okay gang, let’s move, gotta make our time hacks. Poopy faces are starting to come out.


Another short jaunt and we end up at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Bert and one of the local volunteers gave a great presentation and memorial and we also paid tribute to our favorite Vietnam Vet Howard. Howard doesn’t say much, he just keeps on going. When you feel like you are hating life in an event, just look for Howard with his smile. You will get over it quickly. Howard is the epitome of DFQ.


What next, oh just walking back to the start point. The weight of the logs and other stuff is beginning to set in. So what to do? Pull in to a rest stop and dance for the privilege of dropping the logs.




Fireworks everywhere, Katy would be proud. (may we should have been in the Superbowl?)

It starts to quiet down at this point. People are tired, the end is near. We arrive back to Swamp Fox to reunite with our families. The patches come out and the Greenville team presents the cadre with some excellent bats. Wonderful food, drink and conversation post event.



Excellent job Kurt, Pete, Tom and everyone from Greenville. We loved your city, created some great memories and raised money for a great cause.

See everyone in May in Charlotte for RLB 003! How do we possibly top this event?


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