The Knights of Squat


Many SHs wussed out today, so it was just Sir Squatsalot (aka Astronomer) and Sir Goesreallow (aka Dora). We had a nice warm gym all to ourselves. (Yes, I am paranoid, but the non-ruck weirdos were looking at us funny).

Our workout:
Modified Range of Motion
1/4 mile run
5 rounds of 5 backsquats, 5 pushups and 5 situps. Now we are warmed up!

Strength: 5 reps x 5 sets of front squats (all squats today done with ruck)

Work Capacity:
5 ruck pull ups
7 push ups
9 front squats
AMRAP in 10 minutes.
I believe we did 8 sets.

What is this, extra time, one round of grinder PT.
4 Count SSH
You guessed it, squats (okay without the ruck this time, I actually did want to walk today)
4 Count Lunges
Sit Ups
Flutter Kicks

Quote on the way to the car: “the cold really feels good!” MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Team Leader: Astronomer

Team: Dora


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