Putin’s Revenge


0515 today Astronomer and I tackled Amy D’s Ruck PT WOD. We made a slight adjustment here and there, but otherwise completed it as prescribed.

Warmup and stretch.

Circuit x7 with Challenge weight:
10 Squat (alternate ruck front/back each set)
10 Overhead Press
10 Toes to Knees (modified dead lift)

Circuit x 5:
10 Bent over row
10 tricep press (was 15 swing)
10 Russian twist (now called Putin’s Revenge.)

Circuit x3:
10 single-leg overhead lunge per leg (was overhead pulse lunge)
10 weighted sit-up
10 curl
10 chest press.

Circuit X1:
20 skull krushers,
30 4ct ruck press flutter kick (was bag up)

Worst part was the Russian Twists followed closely by the lunges. Left us both panting after each of those sets. Might modify further and add a 400 meter run between circuits or something stupid like that.

A great workout that we initially rated as Intermediate Difficulty until neither Astronomer nor I could stay awake two hours later, where I upgraded it to Intermediate-Plus. That was a neat trick. Thanks, Amy, for a great WOD.

Workout Date: Tue, 03/10/2015

Team Leader: Dora

Team: Astronomer, Dora


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