Praise For The PATHFINDER Training Program







Roster 019, Class 004

I’m in the United States Marine Corps. I joined 13.6 years ago. I’m currently with the special magtaf crisis response team. I deploy any day now. The class was great it was a good way to engage myself and my guys. I did this training on top of weekly physical fitness and monthly hikes. It was a great way to break my weaker guys out of their plateau. I had several men who could not stay in hikes or runs over 5 miles. The best outcome was two men are now in the top 10% of the company 152 guys. The worst outcome was the men who were the weakest are able to complete the hikes in required time hacks. None of them with the exception of myself completed the entire product. Thanks again I look forward to 005.

Roster 074, Class 004

The PATHFINDER training not only help me survive during the F3GRH001 (GRH Class #064), but thrive. The many miles under load prepared me for constant weight bearing movements, especially while moving that “soul krushing” utility pole Big Daddy found laying idle in the marsh. We covered over 22 miles during the event, a far cry short of the almost 180 covered during PF training…PATHFINDER under promised and over delivered! #BOOM

Roster 017, Class 004

I felt that it absolutely prepared me for the Heavy. The requirements are reasonable for the regular person just getting into GoRuck and the veteran of the events. Having time with the ruck on my back conditioned me and improved my overall physical fitness as it related to the GORUCK and my career as a firefighter.

Roster 018, Class 004

I joined the PATHFINDER program in order to help prepare me for the Heavy that I am participating in this weekend. While this is my first Heavy and I still really don’t have a clear idea of what I’m about to go through, I definitely feel more prepared having done the Pathfinder program. The ruck workouts helped with my strength and getting used to the movements with the pack on my back, tremendously. But what I think has really helped prepare me were the long rucks. I have gone through three pair of shoes trying to find the correct ones. I’ve had a hard time going more than 7 miles in a couple of them. I can’t imagine trying to do the entire Heavy in that wrong pair of shoes! It is also helped me to plan what I’m going to wear, to understand what kind of blister protection I’m going to need, and how to pack my ruck. I’ve done all four of those things wrong, and without having had practiced first, I would have had no idea and would have been in agony for 24 hours for the Heavy. I am honored to have participated in and completed this with many friends. Thanks again!

Roster 053, Class 004

I started off slow compared to some of the other finishers in this class. Initially I thought, when am I going to have time to finish these challenges or even hit a 100 miles. Then the miles started to add up and challenge by challenge was getting done. I wasn’t going to quit, that just wasn’t who I was. I was going to finish. Following the standards set for the training program really helped me focus my training, and it has given me a confidence boost going into the GORUCK Heavy that I have been training for. It is an excellent program and I would highly recommend it to anyone preparing for any GORUCK event.

Roster 056, Class 004

Pathfinder was an awesome program to get you prepared and get your mind right for a GORUCK event. The miles and the challenges were a good way to test yourself and gear – in my case for the first F3 Custom Heavy on 3/13. I am ready physically! Thanks again for running this program.

Roster 024, Class 004

PATHFINDER 004 was a great experience and really built my strength and endurance for GORUCK events and other workouts, both while rucked and not. The program kept me focused on what I needed to accomplish and pushed me to do things I would not have thought of on my own. For instance, during the 3 month period, I had 1 ruck workout planned for each week – F3 Florence Warrior Wednesdays. Knowing this would not satisfy the number for the PATHFINDER challenge, I had to add workouts to make the 20. Doing exercises while wearing a weighted ruck has really helped my performance at regular workouts, as push-ups are a lot easier with just my body weight. Also, I had a number of races (trail runs, 5ks and other) on the schedule in the same time frame as the program, so the organization of the challenges and miles needed helped me to plan my workouts so I could perform in my races and still complete PATHFINDER – even if I had to slog out the last 10 or so miles to meet the 100 on the last couple of days. I plan to join other classes to prepare for GORUCKs later in the year.

Roster 045, Class 004

When I did my first GORUCK Challenge, I was filling in some empty spots and only had 2.5 weeks to train. I jumped right in and trained with F3 religiously for those weeks prior. The training was great but not complete for me. I did finish with GRT class 1277 and knew there were lots of personal areas I needed to work on. The PATHFINDER program helped me immensely. There is no replacement for mileage with your ruck. It helped me with my endurance, strength, and confidence. RUCKING those miles also gave me the opportunity to explore my town more. You get to know and appreciate those hills more on the ground. The places I drove by did not have as much significance before, now I pass by the same parts I recall the challenges I completed through there and fellowship of other RUCKERS. The PATHFINDER Program is a solid program that challenges you to succeed. The encouragement and fellowship from other PATHFINDERs helped me immensely to complete the program. Thank you for this program and now I have my head ready for the next challenge. RUCK ON!

Roster 020, Class 004

I found this program to be very solid and best of all it kept me actively involved with my close friends. I was able to make a lot of new friends and expose two other people to a few morning workouts and they both loved it. One of which will be attending with me on the next GORUCK event now. I am an active Crossfit athlete and enjoyed mixing up my fitness. I found the program really fit in well with my already existing workout schedules simply by rucking immediately after or just throwing the ruck on during a CrossFit workout which always looks bad ass upping the rest of the class lol. The five Challenges were fair and manageable. The hardest for me was the five mile runs as that’s not something I enjoy. Hind sight I should have just done another twelve mile hike as my pace is right around fifteen min mile. I have a lot of life events going on for a while but will be back do do the 007 patch. Thanks again! It was great fun.

Roster 076, Class 004

As my first ever ruck experience I would say the PATHFINDER program is extremely successful. It lays out a great game plan and ground work for event success. Ultimately in my opinion you determine your success or failure as it is only you who can ring the bell. The physical rigors of the training coupled with the ruck requirements make this program easy to follow and makes the goals attainable. Without Pathfinder I never would have known what to prepare for to ensure I was successful within the event.







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