Welcome to the party! GoRuck Light Crew


Find the flag pole……Start at 6am SHARP!


2 Columns….smallest to tallest; Arm in front, arms to the side…get space

Rucks Off

  • SSH x 32
  • ¼ turn Jump Squats
  • Up / Downs


Rucks Over Head

Hold for Time – 30 sec whole team keep it up or 3 min….they decided to take 2 minutes to get it up for 30 seconds

OverHead Press – various speeds, watching for fatigue in a couple guys

Squats – some rucks overhead, some rucks on head, sometimes they held squat position

Rucks back over head

Rucks Off, give 10 sec….then rucks on; not fast enough…try it again, rucks overhead…….rucks on


Forward Leaning Rest

Down/Up going to 10, holding up position; always have chest touch floor on down

  • When we got to 7, we started to go right arm up, left arm up and regular


Front Line, turn to line behind you….thats your partner.  Drag them to light pole…..the far light pole


8 Count Body Builders….led by Moses

Moses decided on his own to switch up the count for the BB….1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, 3, 4, 5, 6, 5, 6, 7,   1!

They did a total of 10, but probably more like 13 total, thanks Moses!


Partner Carry back to Flag Pole, then single line to bases

Around Bases…..Elephant Walk; Bear Crawl; Duck Walk; Crab Walk; Seal Walk; Lunge Walk


Get in circle in center field

  • Grab straps…..Up Downs x 10, with various speeds for going up and down….sometimes holding bag overhead for 10 to 15 seconds
  • Lay on ground…rucks on chest…..press with flutter kicks x 30
  • Rucks on….arm clappers, go slow to fast to slow to circles


Line up, tunnel of love.


2 Ranks, move out to front of church with a little double time action.


The Moleskin:

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to Q.  This was my first clipboard Q, and wow is it different.  Hope it was enough tough enough for you to be able to get your mind right.  I took some of the things from our Heavy prep that I thought helped me a lot.
  2. Very strong team, I cant wait to see what we all have on Friday during the ¼ ruck. You guys will do great on your event.

Workout Date – 03/21/2015

Workout Q – EtCh-A-SkEtCh

PAX – Waffle House; Callahan; Outlaw; Gamma; BlackBeard; BeetleJuice; DriveThru; Shaken (not stirred); Wolfgang; Moses

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