Drop The Sandwich – PATHFINDER WOD


Drop The Sandwich

Hey PATHFINDERs, who’s up for some lunch time PT?

Drop the sandwich, grab a sandbag (and your ruck).

3 Rounds:
Max pushups 2 minutes
30 burpees
2 minutes rest

5 Rounds, 1 minute per movement, 1 minute rest between rounds:
Sandbag swings
Sandbag squat to press (thruster)
Sandbag lunge
Bear crawl while dragging sandbag

6 Rounds, 1 minute sprinting.
Recover between rounds.

I’m heading outside to do this right now and I’m pretty sure this will suck bad. Enjoy!

Team Leader: Roster 5-074 (Craig I.) PATHFINDER 005


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