Race for Valor AAR 5/22-25/2015


As part of my PF005, I decided to sign up for Mark Webb’s Race for Valor.

The race offered a 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathon all to be run over the Memorial Day Weekend.

Since my running days are over, I thought, what a great way to finish up Pathfinder.

I did the Half on Friday after completing a TL workout of Thor Fitness Day 2 Plyometrics in the AM. The goal here was also to knock out the 12 in under 3.5 challenge. Mission accomplished, but I went out way too fast and it affected me the entire rest of the weekend.

Saturday found me on a 6.1 Trek to the South after completing Thor Fitness Day 3 Core. Copernicus went with me on this route. It was hot. During this walk I started to question the wisdom of doing this race. Oh well, suck it up, keep moving.

Sunday morning it was up and at em early with Thor Fitness Day 4 Lower Body then a short 5K. It was during this short walk, with Jennifer, Darwin and Copernicus that my left Achilles started to act up. Having ruptured the right one, I didn’t want to push it, but I still have the marathon tomorrow. Uh-oh.

Monday morning was the big Kahuna. Now when you do a long ruck, you can’t just fill up your bladder and go. You have to plan your food, your route, etc… One new thing I tried was freezing Gatorades for my rest breaks. I had 4 breaks planned, and carried 4 frozen bottles. Not sure how much it did hydration wise, but morale wise, it worked. I started at O dark. I decided to not bring Copernicus. He is my partner, but believe it or not, it was easier without him. On this long route, I visited the McMullen Creek Parkway, Boyce Road Park and then made my way uptown to meet Team SPEARHEAD at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial for a quick Veterans Day Memorial service with Angler.

Overall, I felt pretty good considering almost 50 miles in one weekend!






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