Uhaul Grinder – PATHFINDER WOD


Partner WOD with rucks on

Begin with Push Up Pyramid

Reps broken by 5 second pause at the top,

Looks like: 1 rep, 5 seconds in plank, 2 reps, 5 seconds in plank, 3 reps…etc

Partner Movement

Partner A: 10 KB walks then switch with B
Partner B: Coupon carry 40# or greater

KB Walk is swing and step at one time. 10 Swings then switch

0.10 Mile


Partner A: 10 Forward Lunges with KB then switch with B
Partner B: Coupon overhead until switch

0.10 Mile

Workout Date: Wed, 05/13/2015

Team Leader: Eddie V Roster 3-009 PATHFINDER 005


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