“The Bagala Bomb” PATHFINDER


This one sucks. Use your ruck for DB movements

4 min sets

15 DB shoulder press
15 DB curl to press
10 DB jump squats

Run 1/4 mile (no ruck)
1 min rest

45 burpees (add ruck)
Run 1/4 (no ruck)
1min rest

15 pull ups (ruck optional)
20 ring push ups (ruck)
30 diamond sit ups (ruck optional on front)

Run 1/4 (no ruck)
1 min rest

Run with #20 sandbag 1/4mile x2 (no ruck)
1 min rest

20 TRX rows
20 TRX tris
30 TRX jumps

Run 1/4 mile (no ruck)
Rest 1 min

Burpee to clean n jerk ruck as many in 4 min

Workout Date: Thu, 06/04/2015

Team Leader: Sara B. Roster 6-192, PATHFINDER 006


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