Grandfather Mountain and Coupons…Oh My!


Thinking of Fartsacking…..well, today at SPEARHEAD, we had a guy, Josh Flemming drive in from Hickory, NC today!! He woke up at 3:00 am in order to make this workout…YHC is humbled and HONORED!

Coupons: Polled Litter, 135lbs Sandbag, 60lbs Sandbag, (2) 40lbs Rucks

The Workout:

5 Men headed out at 05:15 with a sole purpose…Destroy Grandfather Mountain!

Team Movement #1: Catch me if you can

– Partner up

– P1 farmer carry both rucks

– P2 Push Ups x 15

– P2 completes push ups, then sprints to P1 and takes Rucks; while P1 performs push ups x 15

– Rinse and Repeat

Team Movement #2: Ruck Coupons to bottom of the Hill (Grandfather Mountain)

Team Movement #3: Hill Work

– Drop all coupons and line up at bottom of Hill

– Depending on which coupon is selected, will determine the difficulty of the exercises the team has to perform (meaning if P1 selects the HEAVY bag, then team does easier work, if P1 selects lighter bags, then team does really hard work)

– P1 picks a coupon and runs it up the hill and back down; while he is moving, P2-P5 perform non-stop exercises

– Rinse and Repeat for 4 FULL rounds

– Exercises performed: Ruck Squats, Overhead Ruck Press, Ruck Swings, Flutter Kicks w. Ruck Press, Overhead Ruck Squats, LBC’s and 4 Full rounds of (8) count Body builders

Team Movement #4: Ruck Gear back to SP


AAR:  Today’s Hill work really put the team in a mental and physical challenge.  If they opted to select the heavier weight, they would save the team, but suffer greatly.  If they picked the light weight, they’d move faster up and down the hill, however team would be crushed.  So, it was cool to see how this evolved.  Everyone on the team chose the HEAVY bag the first round #DOTHEHARDTHING!!, so YHC removed the heavy bag for the remaining 3 rounds…thus forcing the workload to get harder on the team, and the sprints up the hill to go faster…however…we were all so smoked that the weight really didn’t matter much.

T-Claps to Josh and Rob.  You guys crushed it out there today and really were great motivation.  Not one time did anyone complain or half-ass it…you gave 100% in true SPEARHEAD fashion!!!

And, not to forget our Astronomer, Angler and Copernicus.  Even with 1 good leg between the two of them, they still gave it their all and were in step the whole time with the team.  #badasses.

It was an honor to lead you today

Respectfully, The Hoff

Workout Date: Tue, 07/14/2015

Team Leader: The Hoff

Team: Angler, Astronomer, Josh Flemming, Rob Manning, The Hoff (TL)



  1. Well, since you are counting Copernicus, we have five good legs among the three of us. Unfortunately, Copernicus has 4 of them. Great job, Hoff. Did it hurt too bad to get de-logged?

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