#BREWRuck005 – Final Announcement


It’s finally time for the fourth installment of the best ruck party in town – BREWRuck.

#BREWRuck005 launches on Saturday November 14, 2015 and it is shaping up to be one of the best yet.  This is the final update for this event, please read everything carefully.  If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us.

Things to remember:

  1. The Start Point is at the Woodlawn LYNX Station.
  2. Arrive at the start point NO LATER THAN 10:15AM.  You will sign waivers, pick up morale patches, and divide into teams at this point.  Be early if possible.
  3. Bring your own ruck filled with your canned food donations.  This is the only cost of entry.  Donations will be deposited into Second Harvest Food Bank bins at Queen City Q.
  4. Bring carrying containers for canned food.  We will be picking up canned food along the way, and the team is responsible for bringing methods of transporting them.
  5. If you want a commemorative morale patch bring $10 cash.
  6. Bring Water, Stay Hydrated.  We will not be providing any water for participants.  Water may be available at the stops, but please plan ahead.
  7. Bring snacks for along the way.  There may be food available at some stops, but not at most.  Please plan ahead.
  8. Bring Cash in small bills ($1s & $5s).  If you choose to purchase food or drinks at our stops, cash is the preferred tender.  We will have approximately 40 people bombarding the bartenders at once so please consider paying in full denominations and not asking for change.
  9. Tip the bartenders.  We are going to be hitting the breweries hard and fast, and we will be leaving a sweaty mess for them to clean up.  Be generous please.
  10. Invite friends and family.  Even if they are not participating in the ruck, anyone is welcome to join us at any of the stops or at the after party.
  11. Transportation from the end point to the start point is convenient using the LYNX Light Rail system.  This is your responsibility to arrange.
  12. Don’t drink and drive.  Use the LYNX train to get home, call a cab, or have someone pick you up.
  13. Remember this is a fun bar crawl for a good cause.  Please be sure to be generous with your donation to Second Harvest, and please be courteous to all participants regardless of their fitness level.

Below is the approximate schedule of events, this is subject to change. If you plan to meet us along the route please plan to call a friend that is participating to find out where we are. If you need to leave early, we are within close proximity to the LYNX train throughout the route.

Location Time
Woodlawn LYNX Station 10:15-10:30
Sugar Creek Brewing 11:00-11:45
Red Clay Ciderworks 12:05-12:50
Triple C Brewing 13:15-14:00
Wooden Robot 14:45-15:30
Rock Bottom 16:15-17:00
Queen City Q 17:10-Until

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