Recon Fox #1 2016 AAR


There were a few snafu’s but 5 brave individuals and 2 OPFOR stud’s showed up in the Cagle parking lot to begin the next iteration of Fox events.

This team became know as first squad (ha ha). After a quick safety and admin brief, the unit was given their warning order for the next 24 hours.

The group then moved to link up with friendly partisans. After some quick training at the home of the fox (the Blair Witch barn) in land nav and tactical movement, the team moved to their first objective.

700M away, enemy SAM site. This team moved very well through the woods, very quiet. I was sitting at the top of the hill waiting for them, and did not even here them pass.

Since the team had no training in recon (which was deliberate) they were easily detected. They did not choose the harder thing and stay low. Eagle Eye Rick spotted them all too easily.

A quick AAR and quicker training on area and point recons the team was given their next frago, recon an enemy dam. 1000M away, through the swamp. The team struggled on this one and had mixed results. One team was “mis-oriented” and took a long time to move to the objective. The other team infiltrated right onto the objective undetected by the OPFOR.

After a quick rest break and obligatory dam pictures, the team was given it’s next mission. Recon an enemy village 6KM away.

Now during our leaders recon early on Saturday, Angler and I found out that there were about 2 million cadets in the vicinity of our next objective. How convenient, built in addition to our OPFOR.

The team moved out and learned much about terrain association and offset as several route choices had to be made. The team arrived on the objective only to find that in the new army, they deploy to the field with large screen TVs so the cadets can watch basketball. Security was pretty lax. How do I know this? Lightning Rick and I walked right into the village, with Copernicus and stood there for 20 min and no one approached or challenged us. We even struck up a conversation with two of their cadre and it took a minute for them to realize we weren’t with them.

Once a successful recon of the village was conducted water was topped off, the team was then given the mission to establish a patrol base for the night, about 1K away.

Sleepy time! (except for the cadet wars going on around us)

0400 wake up, pack up, move out. Team once again impressed as most of them were up before me. Next hit, 4.5K away, house search for weapons. The team moved quickly through sunrise to arrive at the village and secure the objective, the occupants and find the weapons.

Last mission, 1K away the pilot of a Blackhawk that was shot down was being held captive in an enemy dwelling. Take down the bad guys, rescue the pilot and move him to the evac point 1K away.

The team did a few quick rehearsals and moved out.

Flash bang, pew pew, dead bad guys, find pilot and move out with the pilot. This is where you learn that carrying someone on a stretcher with 5 guys is a challenge after 24 hours in the woods.

The team took about an hour to move the pilot back to the barn where endex occurred with copious amounts of Bojangles and Budwiser.

After everyone was moved back to Cagle, we patched the newest class in. Grant and Chanelle stopped by and then off we went to the Dew Drop Inn for chow.

Thanks to all of the participants for supporting Team SPEARHEAD and thanks to the OPFOR for taking care of us and being bad when we needed it.

Lessons Learned:

1. First mission should be instructor led.
2. All nav legs should be <1000 meters.
3. Setup missions like lanes and have them in a circular area around a main base.
4. Don't let Rick use binoculars.
5. If you are gonna join ROTC, do it at UNC. They take large screen TVs to the field.


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