PATHFINDER Advanced Ruck Training Program



  • Continue PATHFINDER training to prepare you for the next level of endurance event comparable to GRH/HCL(HTL)/HH.


  • 200 Ruck Miles
  • 30 Ruck WODs
  • 250 APFT Score (Age/Gender weighted)
  • 12 Mile Ruck in 3.0 Hours (45/30#)
  • 5 PATHFINDER Advanced Challenges
  • Reading Program [1]

CHALLENGES (5 are required.)

  • 10 Mile Mountain Ruck (45/30#)
  • 20 Mile Overnight Ruck (45/30#)
  • Marathon Ruck (45/30#)
  • 10 Mile 80# Coupon Ruck for Every 2 People (45/30#)
  • UBRR Passing Score
  • UBRR 4x Improvement (from stated baseline) [2]
  • 300 Ruck Miles
  • 1 GRC/GRH/HCL(HTL)/B2B or equivalent event completion
  • 36 Miles Rucked Pre-/Post-WOD (45/30#)


  • $49.00 [3]


  • [1] Grant Shymske is customizing his first and second books about Endurance Events with content specific to the PATHFINDER program, autographed with a custom book cover. This is the book that all Rosters will complete during the Class.
  • [2] Stated baseline needs to be determined.
  • [3] Cost will include a blank roster patch and the book. $1 of every registration will go to Charlotte Bridge Home.

If you choose to join PFA, you must understand and agree to the following program tenets:

  • I understand this is a “beta” program. This class is a “beta” class, meaning it is a “test” class to validate that the proposed program requirements are sound and are suitable for the program and participants’ training goals.
  • I understand the program requirements may change. Since this class is beta, program completion requirements may change while the program is in session.
  • I agree to mentor a future participant in the Advanced program. You will be a coach/mentor to participants in future PATHFINDER Advanced classes to provide advice, motivation, knowledge, leadership, and guidance to help them complete the program and reach their goals.
  • I understand there is a $49.00 (USD) program fee. Your program fee provides you access to the online tracking tools, a blank roster patch, a book, and a non-tax-deductible donation; it does not provide you with access to the training program guidelines nor any financial recourse against Team SPEARHEAD or its assignees or volunteers and is non-refundable.

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