TEAM LEAD PART 1: Infiltration and Recon Scenario – PATHFINDER WORKOUT


TEAM LEAD PART 1: Infiltration and Recon Scenario – PATHFINDER WORKOUT
This is Part 1 of a series.

So you wanna get a Team Lead checked off? Instead of a just leading a regular workout, why not create a scenario similar to what you may see in an event? (This is all for fun…so have fun with it!) This is what my F3 brothers and I did.

NOTE: I told the group I was the team lead on this but when we started, I designated SOMEONE ELSE to lead it. Kind of like what happens in an event…you aren’t 100% prepared to lead but when called to do so…you DO IT! This adds the training flavor for Pathfinder.

Prep: I prepped a map and listed stations where the group would go. Time hacks optional but the idea is to move quickly. I gave the new designated TL the map and a 2 minute warning to get team ready and moving.
Scenario: In the midst of the political circus that was the U.S. election, a secret spy plane has crash landed in Russian territory. Operation Liberty Dawn was performing high level reconnaissance when it was lost to communications. Intel suggests that the enemy was mobilizing to investigate in the area of the last known location. Satellite imagery is inconclusive and the map provided was marginal at best. Discovery of the plane would compromise US and Russian relations and the rescue and recovery of personnel and sensitive materials along with demolition of the plane is ordered by the President.

Pathfinder Team 14 Florence Operations (Flo Ops) is called in at 0430 11/15/16 to perform covert infiltration and recon.

Drop Point Buy in
Form up in 3 ranks
50 Push ups
50 Flutter Kicks ruck overhead
Ruck shuffle to Station 1 and form back up in ranks. Here I selected the new TL. Prep materials given. Station 1 exercises completed as a team before moving forward.
Station 1: Partner up and complete reps as a team.
Partner B does exercise. Partner A runs to next parking lot light and back. Switch when Partner A returns.
Round 1: 100 Jumping Jacks
Round 2: 50 sit ups
Round 3: 30 Ruck burpees
When all members complete, TL moves team to Station 2. QUICKLY

Station 2: Contact…Snipers
Move the length of the softball field to Station 3; “I’m up, he sees me, I’m down” In the manner below:
“I’m up” Get up and run.
“He sees me” Yup…the enemy knows we’re here…get ready to drop
“I’m down” FLAT on the ground. Repeat as TL says Go!

Station 3. Advance and cover fire
TL decides who goes first.
1 runs 10 steps and kneels. 2 runs 10 steps past 1 and kneels. 3 runs 10 steps past 2 and kneels. Repeat alternating left and right for all pax as you continue to Station 4.
Station 4. Bad intel = BAD DAY
Body ( anything heavy ) of a pilot found. Enemy advancing on our position. Team must move body and gear to Station 5 for extraction. TL has to direct team to get back to safe location under time hack. (0515) We used sandbags linked together with carabiners. Achieved time hack at 0510.

“Get to da choppa!”

Station 5. Safe LZ Buy out
50 Mountain Climbers
40 crunches
30 ruck presses
20 ruck curls
10 ruck burpees

Debriefing with Part 2 to come.

Workout Date: Wed, 11/16/2016

Team Leader: Joey Rogers aka King Friday

Team: Uhaul, CDC, Monkey, Shocka, Mr. Rogers, Sanctions, Spirit Fingers, Chicken Hawk


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