Beginner’s Ruck Workout 8 – PATHFINDER


By now, you are getting the hang of this ruck workout scenario and fundamental movements are getting, well, FUN. Weirdo.

Time to scale it up a notch.

Warm Up (no ruck)
100 jumping jacks
50 sit ups (not crunches)
25 push ups
10 squat jumps (squat down, then jump straight up and back into the squat)

Rucks On!

Performing “11s” It’s 10 of one exercise counting down…and 1 of another exercise counting up. Total reps always equal “11”

Burpees and Squats
10 Ruck Burpees and 1 Squat
9 Ruck Burpees and 2 Squats
8 Ruck Burpees and 3 Squats…until you get to 1 Ruck Burpee and 10 Squats

Same format but exercises are:
Flutter Kicks (4 count) and crunches (single count, ruck overhead)

One more time with:
Mountain climbers (4 count) and plank jacks (single count)

Rucks Off for 3 rounds of:

10 overhead squats (go slow…keep backs straight…this is a difficult movement for most…use less weight and do it right!)
10 Ruck curls

Finish with:
100 Jumping jacks (rucks off)
50 sit ups
25 pushups
10 squat jumps

Was this too easy? If so…maybe it’s time to try and “advanced” workout…hmmm…..


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