“Lightnin” Pistol (and a little shotgun) FAD-The Range-Oxford NC


Lightning Rick from the Raleigh Area Ruckers can sure put on a great event!

11 “Hitters” showed up for a short but action packed shoot fest with our great instructor, Chad.

We started out with some warm ups from various distances.

Then we practiced kneeling and prone position.

Then started the 6 iterations for time/score

Iteration #1 was prone, shooting at 3 steel targets.
Iteration #2 was standing, shooting at 3 steel targets.
Iteration #3 was sitting in a chair, like in your living room and engaging 4 targets around a hostage.
Iteration #4 consisted of shooting a series of targets with the shotgun and then moving and engaging five targets, the last being shooting a bad guy around a hostage.
Iteration #5 had the team shooting through a window at targets, tactical reload and finishing with a steel target.
Iteration #6 was the capstone event. In the shoot house, 2 180 targets, followed by engaging a target in the yard through a window that started a target moving, then moving down the hall and finishing with another bad guy in the yard which started another target moving.

150ish rounds, 4.5 hours and then retire to the Double D Ranch for BBQ and libation.

Plus I earned the coveted RAR Hitter Squad Patch.

Awesome job Rick!

Photo Apr 20, 12 47 24 AM

Photo Apr 20, 12 46 02 AM

Photo Apr 20, 12 45 48 AM

Photo Apr 20, 12 45 39 AM

Photo Apr 20, 12 45 36 AM

Photo Apr 20, 12 45 29 AM


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