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So I put it to the group to decide which was choosing the harder thing:

10 mile coupon immediately followed by a 12 mile timed ruck
12 mile timed ruck immediately followed by a 10 mile coupon

Overwhelmingly the first option was chosen as the worst…but the second to be most like the event scenario.

10 Mile Coupon Ruck
I used an 60# sandbag with 10# sand weights stuffed in it so I can bring it to 80, 70 , 60 as I made my laps.
50# KB
45# sandbag
Mile Breakdown
1. 80
2. 70
3. 60
4. 50 KB…farmers carry only
5. 45
6. 0 weight…but “speed” ruck to complete mile in under 16 min.
7. 45
8. 50 KB…farmers carry only (this sucked the most)
9. 70
10. 80

I took a 20 min break to hydrate and stretch…hips got really tight after this coupon ruck.

First 3 miles felt awful…I was tight and my shoulders were smoked. I had to shuffle more in the first 3 miles to keep my pace under 15 min. (Advanced timed ruck is under 3:00). I learned that if I shuffle 40 steps and walk brisk for 30, I could maintain about a 14:30 min mile.

This one really hurt but the time hack was a great motivator to keep pushing. All the little shuffles help in the overall time and the last mile I completed in 14:48.

I would suggest doing this only if you are at the point where a 12 mile timed or a coupon alone just don’t seem to be “enough”. Also, doing the timed and then the coupon will prepare you for a Tough or Heavy movement under load after fatigue.

#CTHT and #DFQ


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