Beginner’s Ruck Workout 13 – PATHFINDER


So…you still need a workout and it’s the final week of the program? You haven’t logged your stuff yet? Lyell preaching about Ruck ‘Round the World patches and the next class?

Training doesn’t end in 12 weeks…it just builds you up for the next 12…

WAR…deck of cards #CTHT

Go as fast as you can…

Spades: Burpees
Hearts: Jumping Jacks
Clubs: Lunges (reps are for EACH leg)
Diamonds: Push Ups

Face Cards are 15
Jokers 20 Burpees

Draw two cards and do the harder of the two. (you decide….but don’t choose 2 burpees over 10 pushups…)
If it’s two of the same card…do BOTH cards.

Gather your cards, ruck 4 miles. At each mile choose 5 cards and perform those exercises.

Log your work!!

Workout Date: Sun, 07/16/2017

Team Leader: UHAUL


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