Beginner’s Ruck Workout 14 – PATHFINDER


#CTHT…the Deck of Cards (DOC): Beginner

With a ruck on:
Hearts: Jumping Jacks
Spades: Burpees
Clubs: Push Ups
Diamonds: Squats

Reps are the number on the card.
Face cards are 12.
Aces are 15.
Jokers are 20.

Concept is simple. Draw 2 cards and perform the one which is harder. Are 2 burpees harder than 10 jumping jacks…well, that’s up to you to decide. #CTHT

54 cards in a standard deck (typically 2 jokers) so 27 opportunities to CTHT. And if it’s too easy…just add the “easy” cards to the end of your workout…or do the regular deck of cards. If it’s too hard…modify by not doing jumping jacks with the ruck, or no ruck push ups…etc…you get it.

Workout Date: Mon, 08/07/2017

Team Leader: UHAUL