Make transitions quickly

3 Rounds
20 Ruck Thrusters
20 Push ups with side ruck pulls (Ruck at your right side…do a push up and then pull your ruck to the other side with your left arm, push up, then pull it back with your right arm)
20 Ruck Burpees
Run 100 yards (use the ruck as a coupon…not as a ruck…so farmers carry or no strap carry)

3 Rounds
10 OH Squats
10 Squats Ruck up front
10 Ruck Swings
Run 100 yards (use the ruck as a coupon…not as a ruck)

24 Bear Crawl Alternating Ruck Pulls (Ruck underneath you. Bear crawl forward and pull ruck forward with right, then left arm…repeat)
24 Crawl Bear Alternating Ruck Pulls (Same as above but you are going in reverse)

100 4 count Flutter Kicks ruck overhead

75 ruck crunches ruck overhead

50 Leg Levers (ruck overhead) (Legs straight from 6″ to 90 degrees to 6″….etc)

25 Situps (no ruck)

Transition quickly from plank to overhead hold!

Plank with ruck 2 mins
OH hold ruck 2 mins

Plank with ruck 1 min
OH hold ruck 1 min

Plank with ruck 30 secs
OH Hold with ruck 30 secs

Workout Date: Sun, 08/13/2017

Team Leader: UHAUL


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