12 Days of Christmas – PATHFINDER


12 Days of Christmas Ruck Workout

Do it like the song…last round should be 12-1 ladder of holiday glory
(that’s 100 yd dash, then 2 standing lunges and 100yd dash, then 3 Sumo squats, 2 standing lunges, and 100 yd dash, then 4 flutter kicks…you get it by now…)

1st Day 1 100 yard dash
2nd Day 2 standing lunges
3rd Day 3 Sumo Squats (wide stance)
4th Day 4 Flutter Kicks
5th Day 5 Golden Burpees
6th Day 6 Jump Squats
7th Day 7 Ruck Thrusters
8th Day 8 8 Count Body Builders
9th Day 9 Lunges Backward
10th Day 10 Biceps curls (with your ruck)
11th Day 11 Push ups
12th Day 12 Overhead Squats

Workout Date: Fri, 12/01/2017

Team Leader: UHAUL


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