The Valentine’s Day Massacre is proof that “Love Hurts”

Get your 4 mile pre-ruck workout miles in.

“Kiss the Ground”
25 Hand release ruck push ups
25 Dive Bombers (make sure you have that waist strap secure)

“Love is in the air”
25 Ruck Thrusters
25 Overhead Ruck Squats
28 Overhead walking lunges (14 each leg for V-day)

“I’ll love you Forever…today”
25 Ruck Burpees
25 Mountain Climbers
25 Plank Jacks
25 Mountain Climbers
25 Ruck Burpees

“Work that V-Muscle”
50 4-count Flutter Kicks with ruck overhead
50 Crunches with ruck overhead
25 4-count Flutter Kicks with ruck overhead
25 Crunches with ruck overhead

Workout Date: Sun, 02/11/2018

Team Leader: UHAUL


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