Jerome Gonzalez 14-199 – PATHFINDER



This workout is to honor Jerome Gonzalez, PATHFINDER Roster 14-199, who tragically died during the Joe Warner Bragg Heavy on February 17, 2018. It is a rough simulation of the beginnings of that event. In his own words prior to the event he was “ready to ruck shit in honor of Joe”.

Set this workout up in four stations, perhaps the four corners of your yard or your gym. When moving between the stations you should have your ruck on and be running fast to the next station.

One mile run, no ruck

Station #1: Two minute AMRAP push ups

Station #2: Two minute AMRAP sit ups

Station #3: Two minute AMRAP box step ups (sub a curb, landscape timber, etc if you don’t have a bench or box)

Station #4: 10 burpees (no ruck) then Farmer carry ruck in right hand 50 yards, then 10 burpees (no ruck), then Farmer carry ruck in left hand 50 yards, then 10 burpees (no ruck). (Burpee form includes a full push up, jump up and clap hands over head.)

Station #1: 50 yard bear crawl
Station #2: 50 yard crab walk
Station #3: 20 Ruck get ups
Station #4: One minute overhead ruck hold

Carry coupon of your choice one mile

Workout Date: Sat, 02/17/2018

Team Leader: Shannon McFall Bass Roster 8-532


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