2018 Summer Charity Challenge Ruck Workout – PATHFINDER


Looking to get some reps in for the Summer Charity Challenges event? Join Team SPEARHEAD PATHFINDERS. Get after your rep goals AND log a ruck workout with this one. Diamond push ups and leg levers…adhere to form and crush it daily to achieve your goals.

This workout is a 15 to 1 ladder down of leg levers and diamond push ups. That equals 120 leg levers and diamond push ups.

You can go higher on the ladder (start with 20 to 1) or lower (10 to 1). The reps on levers and pushups are plenty but the middle will really work you out.

(Optional Buy in is a 2 mile ruck for time. Fast is smooth and smooth is fast. Might as well get those pre-workout ruck miles in)

15 Leg levers (while holding ruck overhead).
Get your RUCK ON and bear crawl 15 yards (or however far you want but #CTHT for you)
15 Diamond push ups (with or without your ruck…#CTHT for you)
Ruck Overhead Lunges back to start point of the levers…then cycle again counting down.

If you have something left…ruck another 2 miles for time.

Workout Date: Sun, 08/26/2018

Team Leader: UHAUL


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