Where’s the Grey Man? NON-RUCK Workout – PATHFINDER


If you don’t know what the “grey man” is…ask a friend. HINT: You will never be that person because you are a PATHFINDER.

You’ll need a known distance of a some yardage for this. I suggest 100 yards since that is straight line doable most places. By all means make it 50 or 25 or whatever you feel you can do. Maybe do this once with less distance and then again upping it if it isn’t enough. Bonus if you want to torch an uphill climb…but be warned…this will suck.

Not too many instances in an event (GORUCK) where you will be asked to do all the PT without rucks but it doesn’t mean this training won’t help you.


Sprint (flat out…FAST as you can) 100 yards, Lunge back to start, walk 100 for rest.
Do this sequence 5 times.
Try to control your breathing as you lunge back…bring that heart rate down…slow deliberate breaths.

BURPEE BROAD JUMPS (NO RUCK) (do a burpee but instead of jumping up, broad jump forward and repeat) (NO RUCK) Do this for 1/2 the distance you sprinted or at least 20. Sprint the rest of the distance or back to the start. Rest 2 minutes.Repeat 3 times.

BEAR CRAWL (STILL NO RUCK) the same distance but every 5th right hand touch, do 1 push up. When you reach the distance, reverse bear crawl with a push up every 5th hand touch.
That’s one round. Goal is 3 rounds.

You saw it coming…
CRAB WALK (STILL NO RUCK) same as the bear crawl exercise above except you are doing a SIT UP every fifth hand touch. Goal is 3 rounds.


SPRINTS (NO RUCK) same as the very beginning. 5 Rounds.

If you finish this under 30 minutes…you need to up the distance or the rounds (or both) because you are BEASTING it!

(The Grey Man would never do this workout…well, at least not fully).

Workout Date: Sat, 11/03/2018

Team Leader: UHAUL


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