When you lose your strap privileges and you have to hold your ruck by bear hugging it…well, you realize how much you like straps. Strap appreciation is a real thing and is another lesson in “It can ALWAYS be worse.” If you aren’t mentally ready for it, you probably didn’t train for it. So I give you…Hug-a-Bear.

You appreciate straps more when you are tired…so let’s get there first. NOTE: You’ll need grass for the latter part of this workout.

Ruck Burpee Variant x 25: Start with rucks on the ground. Drop to do a burpee and on the way up lift your ruck overhead. Lower ruck and self back to the ground and repeated this burpee variant x 25. (If you don’t have a bottom ruck handle or a modified carabiner one…this may have you re-evaluate that)

Ruck Thrusters x 25: Hold ruck straps to your chest and squat down. As you stand up drive through your legs and press the ruck overhead. REpeat x 25

Overhead Squat x 25: Hold ruck overhead and keep it there while you do squats x 25.

Bear Hug time…

Wrap your arms around your ruck “Bear Hug” (remember, straps not allowed).
Ruck 1 mile at a shuffle pace but at every 1/4 mile perform
10 squats, 20 forward lunges (total 40 squats, 80 forward lunges)

Find that soft grass…still bear hugging, lay on your back and perform a crawl (yes it’s possible) for a distance of your choosing but CTHT.


Still bear hugging that ruck, go from lying flat to standing and back down again x 20. ( I roll to my side trying to get knees under me then stand )

Put your ruck on your back. Kiss your straps. Go get some ACRT.

Workout Date: Sun, 11/04/2018

Team Leader: UHAUL


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