Valentine’s Day Massacre – PATHFINDER


Valentine’s Day Massacre

Set 1 “Dating” (How you doin’?)
2 Minute Overhead Ruck Hold
14 Overhead Ruck Presses
20 Squats
19 Ruck Push Ups

Set 1 “Couples Hot and Heavy” (Heart racing, you make my legs weak)
2 minute Overhead Ruck Hold then…
2 (yes TWO) Rounds of:
14 Ruck Burpee Broad Jumps
14 Ruck Thrusters
14 Overhead Ruck Lunges
14 Flutter kicks (4-Count, Ruck held up)

Set 3 “Struggles” (Grind through tough times)
2 Minute Overhead Ruck Hold
14 count Bear Crawl (count each time your right hand steps)
14 count Reverse Bear Crawl
14 count Crab Walk
14 count Reverse Crab Walk

Set 4 “Break-Up” (Throw arms up and quit)
2 Minute Overhead Ruck Hold
14 Ruck Burpees
14 Overhead Squats
14 Single Arm Overhead Squats (7 each arm)
14 Ruck Thrusters
14 Ruck Swings
14 Overhead Ruck Lunges

End with 2 mile ruck and don’t look back!!

Workout Date: Mon, 02/11/2019

Team Leader: UHAUL


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