LoCo Ruckers Don’t Quit – PATHFINDER


A WOD tribute to the LoCo Ruck Club
“The LoCo Ruckers Don’t Quit!”

EMOM x 10 minutes
5 ruck push ups
10 mountain climbers
Overhead Ruck Hold

“Lo (Lunges Overhead Hold)
3 Rounds of:
10 Lunges forward rucks overhead
10 Lunges reverse rucks overhead
20 Flutter kicks hold rucks up

Co (Curls and Overhead Ruck Presses)
3 Rounds of:
10 Ruck Curls
10 Overhead Ruck Presses
1 minute plank (rucks on)

“Ruckers Don’t Quit”
3 Rounds of:
10 Ruck Burpees
10 Ruck Thrusters
10 Ruck Squats

Workout Date: Sat, 04/06/2019

Team Leader: UHAUL


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