Partner Ruck Workout 7 – PATHFINDER


Use a sandbag for this one. Don’t have one? Use a ruck…or make a sandbag. FFIO. Your legs will hate you for this one. Not feeling it? By all means up the weight or increase the reps or BOTH. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. Get after it PATHFINDERS!!

The Warm Up:
Sandbag throws. Perform a thruster except toss the sandbag forward. Partner repeats. Perform 30 throws each.

Main Event 1:
Partner A carries the sandbag and performs 2 forward walking lunges and 2 squats then pass to Partner B to perform the same. Increase the lunges and squats by 2 after each round. Go to 40 forward walking lunges and 40 squats.

Main Event 2:
Sandbag Burpees. Drop down to do a burpee but on the way up lift the sandbag over your head (no jumping) and then drop in front of your partner for their turn. 50 Sandbag burpees as a team. (25 each for you non-math majors)

The Cool Down:
Partner A holds Sandbag overhead while Partner B performs 20 Mountain Climbers in cadence. Switch.
Perform 3 rounds for 60 total Mountain Climbers each.

Ruck it out for 1-3 miles.

High Fives and Fist Bumps.

Workout Date: Mon, 12/30/2019

Team Leader: UHAUL


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